vago forniture

Vago Forniture was founded in the late 20s as a workshop in the heart of Brianza. In 90 years of history, and after three generations, it is today qualified as a global design advisor and consultant for interior design. It deals with projecting and furnishing, as well as with the most functional, technical, legal, logistic aspects of an apartment, big houses or offices. But also business district, showrooms, atelier, fashion shops, newsrooms and financial operating offices.

Vago operates with the most qualified international brand design and receives the contract committed in every corner of the world. It’s Official Dealer of more than 150 italian and international top design brands, constantly evolving according to the market trends and news.

Maria Porro nuovo presidente di Assarredo

Milano, 10 settembre (Luxury&Finance) – Maria Porro è il nuovo presidente di Assarredo di FederlegnoArredo, eletta all’unanimità dall’assemblea generale. Succede a Claudio Feltrin. Già consigliera di Assarredo, direttore marketing di Porro, marchio storico creato in Brianza nel 1925,...

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Ernestomeda rivisita Obliqua

Milano, 9 settembre (VAGO.MAG) – Ernestomeda rivisita uno dei suoi modelli di punta: Obliqua con diverse configurazioni che danno vita a spazi in cui equilibrio e innovazione si fondono: il...

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