A world of affection, values, cultural and business interests, of art and design, of risky avant-garde and consolidated certainties: Vago’s is a history rooted far back in time, that of a group founded by Rosy and Antonio Vago as the continuation of a major crafts workshop dating back to the 1920s.

It all started out in Barlassina, in the heart of Brianza, the Italian Furniture Valley, where Mario Asnago and Claudio Vender (two of the leading architects of the twentieth century)were born, along with Valentino Vago: a master painter who studied at Brera and who was Antonio’s brother. Thanks to their close relationship, a new approach emerged: one characterised by a culture that leads to major and innovative choices midway between art and design, making the company a cultural undertaking even more than a commercial one.

“I owe my beginnings to Dino Gavina and Mrs Simoncini, to my frequentation of the shop in Via Cerva: that marked the dawn of Flos, Cassina and the Scarpa. After meeting them I set aside my small-scale production in the Brianza style, and with the contribution of my brother Valentino and his colleagues at the Brera Academy, I started to produce my first designed pieces.” Antonio Vago recounted this in an interview with Gap magazine in May 1988, showing that he was a true forerunner, founder and promoter of a taste that would later become synonymous with everything ‘Made in Italy’.

A significant leap forward for the company came about thanks to its intuition of the importance that the contract market would take on in the 1980s, which proved to be absolutely right. This is how Vago began to design the interiors of banks, financial companies and even the operating spaces of the Italian Stock Market. Soon the shop became a sizeable exhibition area, where not only design objects were displayed but where visitors might breathe art, and be offered the best possible advice. “Today,” said Antonio Vago in 1988, “you can’t sell a piece of furniture. You have to sell a whole world.” The competitive advantage, at that time, was given by the internal workshop dedicated to custom-made furniture. This is still the case today, together with the network of local producers and the extraordinary workshops of master craftsmen who implement their invaluable knowledge, under the Vago name.

Knowledge, competence, object culture and art. All this was and is Vago. As Antonio would say, “Inside my shop there are pieces of old and new avant-garde design, there are sculptures by Melotti, by my brother Valentino whom I deeply respect and love, and by Olivieri: pieces for sale and works from my own private collection.”

Today the helm is in the hands of Simone Vago, who has internationalised the group and consolidated the brand worldwide. Along with him, Davide is at the head of the internal architecture studio, and Rosy who still holds the Vago reins with the same enthusiasm as the early days.