Porro, the evolution of the systems

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Milano, 30 settembre (VAGO.MAG) . Thenever-ending research efforts on shapes, materials and technologies, performed side by side with Piero Lissoni, result in newevolutions of the modular systems Porro, that are increasingly becoming trueliving spacearchitectures. From the electrification that is embedded in the system, thus entirely eliminating wiresand making light the protagonist, to the development of special mechanisms that allow doors to move and close–turning into doors to secret rooms and backstage–up to the introduction of new materials: this year’s research focuses onut most flexibility and visual purity, for unique and unrepeatable bespoke solutions to be designed every time with theend customers according to their individual and personal desires.

In the Modern cabinet day system, this year’s research focuses on the idea of “all full”, to create entire equipped wallsthat perfectly blend into the architecture and are used for storage, but–when necessary–open up to reveal secret niches

This year, the Storage system of wardrobes and dressing rooms has been renewed by a new impalpable material: light. The result of Porro’s technical expertise is the new wireless lighting system, where electricity is transmitted through electrified bars inside the structure and hidden from view. All technical details are designed by the brand and fully embedded: the shelves become lighting fixtures and the light can be adjusted by choosing between 2 differenttemperatures. A technical enhancement aiming at absolute visual purity,that makes Porro wardrobe experience even more intense and exciting.

The System bookshelf and equipped wall system is softened in its size and through precious applications, changing its look through a new material and handcrafted design, i.e. the woven straw inserted on the back of the Grande Luce module.

In 2020, Porro also introduces a new concept of dynamic interiors and of creative living, which focuses on the contamination of spaces by turning from separation to open view in an instant. New in the Porro catalogue are the Glide sliding doors, large custom-made wings characterised by a metal L-shaped profile painted in black, white or cuvée, that provides a frame toother materials.