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A group of young intellectuals in Milan in 1947, toghether by a passion for quality and beauty and bound by a deep friendship, founded Azucena. Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Ignazio Gardella, Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua, along with two enterprising women, Franca and Maria Teresa Tosi, had as objective to furnish the homes of the younger generation, seeking new aesthetic values to represent them.

A significant and important meeting was between the daughter of Maria Teresa Tosi, Martha Hall, and designer Konstantin Grcic, who gave a great contribution to the project Azucena: 'Entre Deux', a project that builds a 'new system of relations between the different items of the collection by creating a changing geography'. The collection includes over 150 Azucena and furniture items including chairs and sofas, containers, beds, tables, chairs and desks.

Vago Forniture is an authorized dealer of the best brands. The showroom is in Barlassina (MB) and in Milan and offers a selection of products made in Italy, including Azucena, distributing them all over the country and world (eg. India, China, Israel, UAE, USA, UK).